The Western Transient

A transient is a burst of energy that hits and falls off, leaving nothing behind. It is temporary, momentary in action, like an ink drop on a page that fades almost as soon as it's dry. Music is a muddle of transients or rather, a meeting place for them, where the short lived can become eternal.

A New Constellation

The debut recording from the Western Transient 'A New Constellation' was recorded in Los Angeles in November of 2014 and released in summer 2015. Nine compositions explore jazz, soul & soundtrack themes underpinned by the same 'all in the room' approach as recordings such as Ondatropica & The Flowering Inferno. Featuring a handpicked cast of friends and regular collaborators, this instrumental recording showcases the versatility of Texan tenor saxophonist Sylvester Onyejiaka, Los Angeles trumpeter Todd Simon & Colombian drummer Wilson Viveros. As well as guests Gabe Noel on bass, Percussionist Alan Lightener & Brandon Coleman on keys. 


Musical Direction & Electric Guitar: Will Holland

Drums: Wilson Viveros    Percussion & Steel Drum: Alan Lightener

Upright & Electric Bass: Gabe Noel    Fender Rhodes, RME & Moog: Brandon Coleman

Tenor Saxophone & Flute: Sylvester Onyejiaka    Trumpet & Flugelhorn: Todd Simon

Photography by B+

Recording Notes

The recording was made at Kingsize North studios, Los Angeles and recorded directly to 2 inch analogue tape using an Ampex MM-1100.

Recording Engineer: Simon Guzman, Mix Engineer: Will Holland & Simon Guzman. 

Mixed at Sound Workshop, Brooklyn.